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A complex clause gives us extra information about a sentence and it's introduced by a linking word called linkers.
There are different types of linkers depending on what we want to express or say.

- Linkers of contrast --> We use these linkers to express contrast.
        1) Atlhough/ Though + clause
           ex: Although his train was late, he didn't miss his flight.

       2) Despite the fact that / In spite of the fact that + clause
          ex: Despite the fact that the tickets were too expensive, we bought them anyway.
               They really enjoyed the hotel in spite of the fact that it was very noisy at nights.
      3) Despite / In spite of + noun / pronoun or gerund
          ex: We went clycling in spite of the bad weather.
               Despite feeling tired she finished the climb.

- Linkers of purpose and reason --> We use these linkers to talk about a purpose of an action.

       1) To / In order (not) to / So as (not) to + infinitive
           ex: I hired a car to tour the city.
                He went to Alaska so as to experience a new place.
                He left early in order not to be late.

       2) So / So that + clause
           ex: He took a notebook so that he could write about his holiday.
        1) As / Because / Since + clause
           ex: As the flight was cancelled, we stayed all the night in the airport.
                My cousin went to the park because he wanted to have a good time with his friends.

        2) Because of + noun / noun phrase
            ex: She went skiing because of the good weather.
- Linkers of result --> We use these linkers to talk about the result or the effect of something.

        1) So + adjective / adverb + that clause
            ex: The guidebook was so useless that I threw it away.

        2) Such + a(n) + adjective / singular noun + that clause            
           ex: It was such an incredible place that I'd like to stay another week.

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